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BONTAC and NADclinic Officially Reached Strategic Cooperation for a Healthier Tomorrow!
BONTAC dan NADclinic secara rasmi mencapai kerjasama strategik untuk hari esok yang lebih sihat!
On May 6th 2024, BONTAC and NADclinic Group signed a partnership cooperation agreement, formalizing their ambition to become deep strategic partners. Dr. Cheung (chief scientist and BONTAC founder), Mr. Shu (BO
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Breaking News: BONTAC NMN Achieves Self-Affirmed GRAS Certification
Berita Terkini: BONTAC NMN capai pensijilan GRAS disahkan sendiri
Introduction On May 16th, BONTAC NMN products officially pass the authentication of self-affrimed GRAS (SELF GRAS), signifying that BONTAC R&D strength and the quality of NMN raw materials have
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BONTAC Shines at Health Food Ingredients/OEM Expo
BONTAC Bersinar di Bahan Makanan Kesihatan / Ekspo OEM
Introduction On April 24th 2024, BONTAC was invited to participant in the 26th Health Food Ingredients/OEM Expo (ie. Health Food Expo, Ingredients and Contract Manufacture) in Tokyo International Exhibition Hall E1, J
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Congratulation! BONTAC gains four more honors in health industry
Tahniah! BONTAC raih empat lagi kepujian dalam industri kesihatan
Introduction On March 28, 2024, Digital Health and Precise Nutrition Forum & Annual Conference of Health Industry in 2023 is held in Shenzhen, China. By virtue of the technical innovation in syn
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BONTAC’s Patent-grade Coenzymes in 2024 CACLP&CISCE
Enzim gred paten BONTAC dalam CACLP &CISCE 2024
Introduction On March 16, 2024, the world famous Clinical Laboratory Practice Expo (CACLP) and China IVD Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) were inaugurated at Chongqing International Expo Center. As a leading supplier of
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BONTAC Partners with NADclinic to Boost Global NAD+ Therapy
BONTAC Bekerjasama dengan NADclinic untuk Meningkatkan Terapi NAD+ Global
Both parties are committed to maximizing the unique power of essential and life-changing NAD+, a molecule that helps our cells produce energy. BONTAC, the world’s leading manufacturer for the raw materials
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BONTAC in FHE 2024: Innovation of Raw Materials in Biosynthesis
BONTAC dalam FHE 2024: Inovasi Bahan Mentah dalam Biosintesis
Introduction On Feb 25-29, 2024, BONTAC was invited to 2024 Boao Healthy Food Science Conference & Exposition (FHE 2024) and made a discussion with the industry elites on the innovation of science and technolo
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Good News! BONTAC has been selected as “2023 Deloitte China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star”
Berita baik! BONTAC telah dipilih sebagai "2023 Deloitte China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star"
1. Introduction On January 9, 2024, the expert team of selection organizing committee from Deloitte visited BONTAC, and presented the trophy of “China Life Sciences & Healthcare Rising Star” t
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Bontac makes it to KPMG's China Biotech Innovation Enterprises Top 50
Bontac berjaya ke China Biotech Innovation Enterprises 50 Terbaik KPMG
On April 7th, 2023, KPMG China hosted the second Biotech Innovation 50 Enterprises award ceremony online, with CITIC Securities as a co-organizer. Bontac impressed the panel with its strong R&D capabilities and
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